Blue 20x40 Solid safety cover with side step up charge
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Blue 20x40 Solid safety cover with side step up charge

Model WS2192B
Manufacturer Blue Wave
 Our Price: $ 990.46

ARCTIC ARMOR ULTRA LIGHT™ SOLID SAFETY COVER COMBINES SUPER STRENGTH WITH ULTRALIGHT FABRICS TO MAKE REMOVING THIS COVER A SNAP! Our lightweight solid safety covers contain super strong fabric that provides Ultra Light™ safety covers with its superior strength and ultra light characteristics. Ultra Light™ covers resist tears, rips, chlorine and sun damage & insure that your pool is crystal clear when you open it each spring. Ultra Light™ is over 35% lighter than other solid covers so it is easy to install & remove. The patented center drain catches the finest dirt & debris, but still allows the cover to drain. This eliminates the hassle of pumping off your cover each spring. Since Ultra Light™ is solid no algae can grow & your pool will remain clear all winter long! Ultra Light™ covers are supported by super strong 5x5 webbing that makes this cover ultra strong as well as lightweight. These solid covers are made of rugged two-ply polypropylene mesh with a break strength of over 4000 lbs! Covers are formulated to be impervious to UV rays, mold & mildew. Covers are 2 feet longer and 2 feet wider than your pool and come complete with brass anchors, stainless steel springs, installation tool, storage bag and complete installation instructions. Built for superior performance and longevity, Ultra Light™ is backed by a 20 Year Warranty.


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