• Custom 20x43x47 Lagoon Ameba Swimming Pool
    Custom 20x43x47 Lagoon Ameba Swimming Pool
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Custom 20x43x47 Lagoon Ameba Swimming Pool

Model 900
Manufacturer Hydra Inground Swimming Pools
 MSRP: $ 29,999.00
 Our Price: $ 21,500.00
 You Save: $ 8,499.00 (28%)

Custom 20x43x47 Lagoon Ameba Swimming Pool

This is differance bewteen for adding 600' fo pvc 2" flex.

Included in your inground swimming pool kit:

Custom/Complete Swimming Pool Dig Specs to be reviewed and approved for your swimming pool.

14 guage steel panels the industry stongest and best steel panel system on the market today.

Your choice of coping styles bull nose or cantilever copeing

Liner choice is woven weave.

Totally Hayward System Equipment: 

  1. Hayward Sp3400vsp pump
  2. S310t-2 sand filter
  3. 6 x 320 color logic lights
  4. Aqr-15 salt system 
  5. Tiger Shark swimming pool cleaner

Stainless Steel Ladder w/ all hardware - Stainless steel hand rail w/ all hardware.

Inpool steel step that has the liner over step and is textered to prevent slipping on them while you entering the pool.

Complete Maintenance Kit: 4 in 1 test chemical test kit, pole , brush, leaf rake, manual vacuum,  vacuum hose, and safety rope.

3 widemouth skimmers 

6 returns for water circulation 

3 Jandy Deck jets

Options to add to this swimming pool to make it easier to maintain and keep clean

Hayward systems:

  • 1. PL-p-4 control system, will allow you to control every aspect of your pool $725.00 link to PL-P-4 link to manual link to operations 
  • 2. Aqapod-2 remote with antenna $625 link to remote
  • 3. Sense and depense to halp maintin prober PH levels in your pool the number one problem swimming pool owners have
  • 4. Caddie for tiger shark swimming pool cleaner to help maintain the brushes and to move it out of the way when not in use $105.00
  • 5. Actuator with value for deck jets to turn off and on  $165.00

Options to add to this swimming pool to make it easier to install. You can buy these items locally but you will pay more for the. Instead buy from us and save you money for these basic materials that you will need to install your swimming pool.

  • 600’ of 2” schedule 40 PVC flex hose $1075.00
  • 200’ of 1.5” schedule 40 PVC flex hose $250.00
  • 110 bags of pool base $2425.00

2% discount if paid by wire transfer or cashier check. This would make the total be $17182.00. 

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