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Custom 24x52 swimming pool

Model 24eve
Manufacturer Asahi
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yes Full Print 25 guage over lap liner

yes New skimmer

yes Wall and upright 

yes 7" "Siltex" textured resin coated top rails and one piece 6.5"x2.5" Siltex textured resin coated 52" tall uprights are sealed with an exclusive coating that encases the steel. A superior galvanization process "Star Galfan" which consists of zinc and aluminum, far surpass the benefits of standard coatings. Star Galfan offers greater corrosion resistance.

yes The heavy gauge wall is deep corrugated for maximum strength, with special Galfan coating to resist corrosion far beyond that of the standard galvanization process. G90 hot dipped galvanization, a super durable premium acrylic, and printing with our custom wall designs. All for long lasting beauty which resists ultra-violet rays, chipping, cracking, and weathering.

yes The frame is manufactured with G110 Hot dipped galvanized steel, textured resin coated in our own process which provides state of the art corrosion protection. The sub-frame is entirely interlocking to provide maximum strength. Machine threaded parts with common frame screws, joints, and rails allow for unsurpassed self installation on all pools. Superiorly designed to withstand the elements over time. 

yes The 1" bottom track foundation system consists of coated steel bottom rails and bottom plates that are given a double coat for superior corrosion protection.

yes Precision crafted liner stabilizer rails create an integrated support system for the pool wall and liner.  A liner lock creates a snug fit between the liner and stabilizer rails, creating a integral ring of support and strength.

yes The specially formulated virgin vinyl liner is custom manufactured for a perfect fit for all pool sizes.

yes Exclusive one piece gasket wall protector prevents wall rusting and corrosion at the skimmer opening. The special double-sided skimmer gasket and one piece return inlet prevents water from coming into contact with the steel wall and gives added protection for the wall at the skimmer and return.

 yesAll top caps are made with impact resistant, resin compounds, designed to withstand exposure to the sun's ultra-violet rays, and temperatures from ARCTIC to TROPICAL, while creating extra strength by locking the top rail to the upright with their superior two piece design. This pool is manufactured by Mighty Sun and carries a 40 year warranty on pool and frame components. - 


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Custom 24x52 swimming pool our new backyard wonder will last for years, you will be able to swimming and play for years.