Hayward E-Command 4 Pool/Spa Control System

It doesn't matter how simple or elaborate a pool is, they're all made to relax in, not work on. That's why we've introduced Hayward E-Command 4. It brings the luxury of automating pool, spa and other backyard functions to owners who thought that pool automation was unaffordable.

Hayward E-Command 4 gives you a full range of automation features. It allows you to automate pool, spa, and even ancillary backyard functions. Your pump, fi lter, heater, cleaner, pool, spa and landscape lighting, even water features can operate automatically, while you concentrate on fun.

Automating tasks with Hayward E-Command 4 can pay for the unit, by saving up to 75% on energy costs year after year.

Hayward E-Command 4 Features:

  • Integrated subpanel operates as its own breaker box
  • Ideal for new installations
  • Optional relay can be added for increased versatility
  • Manages pool, spa and other backyard features automatically or with the push of a button
  • Pool and spa light dimming relays
  • Intuitive programming, easy-to-read display

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