Hayward Pro grid DE3620 filter w/o Valve
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Hayward Pro grid DE3620 filter w/o Valve

Model 3620de
Manufacturer Hayward
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Hayward Pro grid DE3620 filter w/o Valve

Pro-Grid vertical grid D.E. filters provide superior water clarity, efficient flow and large cleaning capacity for pools and spas of all types and sizes. Constructed in high-strength PermaGlass XL, Pro-Grid combines high-technology features and service-ease design for an unparalleled filtration value for both new pool and aftermarket installations. Application on in-ground pools or in-ground pool/spa combinations.

  • New 36 ft2 filter made of new and stronger PermaGlass XL allows for both commercial and large residential applications and years of non-corrosive, trouble-free performance
  • Self-Aligned tank top and bottom make access to servicing the grid elements fast and simple
  • Removable clamp tool makes tightening and loosening of clamp quick and easy
  • Integral lift handles and uniform low-profile base make removal of grid nest fast and simple
  • 2 inch full-flow internal piping and plumbing for less resistance to flow and maximum performance
  • New, stronger PermaGlass XL filter tanks made from durable glass reinforced copolymer to meet the demands of the toughest applications and environmental conditions, including in-floor cleaning systems
  • Heavy-duty, tamper-proof one piece flange clamp securely fastens tank top and bottom. Allows quick access to all internal components without disturbing piping or connections
  • High impact grid elements designed for up-flow filtration and top-down backwashing for maximum efficiency
  • Inlet diffuser elbow distributes flow of unfiltered water evenly to all filter elements and provides even distribution of D.E. to grids
  • DE required is 6lbs

About DE Filters

Diatomaceous earth is a porous powder with microscopic openings, that, when magnified, look like tiny sponges. Clear water can pass through these openings, but particles, as small as one to three microns, are trapped during the first pass through the media. D.E. filters have internal elements that become coated with D.E. It is this 'filter cake' that strains dirt, dust, algae, and some forms of bacteria from the water. Similar to sand filters, when D.E. filters become dirty, they are cleaned either by backwashing, or regenerating and draining the clogged D.E. to the waste line. To restore filtration, a fresh charge of D.E. is added to the filter. For sparkling, clean pools; step up to Hayward D.E. filters.

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